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Cusco: The Ausangate Ausangate is the mountain most representative for the Cusqueno Andeans. It is situated at the cordillera of Vilcanota and it is one of the zones that is very hard to enter and that is very rare in Peru. Its principal climate is at 6,372 meters above sea level with large lakes with a bright blue/green color. Furthermore there are stones and bushes, which make the area like a paradise. Walking through the mountain of Ausangate is an indescribable adventure, and it is not posible to be not impressed by the enormous beauty of the eternal snow. Often you will find rocks with a point with an altitude of more than 5000 meters and also rocks with tongues of ice which go down in magnificent ways and form ice lakes. The route of Ausangate is one of the most attractive ones of Cusco.

  1. Day 1
    Departure: 13:00 P.M. Cusco - Tinki (5 hours by car) we will camp in Tinke.
  2. Day 2
    Cusco: El Ausangate 07:00 A.M. We will walk from Tinke to Upis in about 6 hours. During this trail we will visit the community of Upis. Upis is situated 4,400 meters above sea level and there live approximately 5 or 6 families. This day we walk very closely to the mountain Nevada Ausangate. At the end of the day we will have our campsite.
  3. Day 3
    Cusco: El Ausangate 07:00 A.M. We begin our day with a breakfast in Upis. Afterwards we will go to Arapa, which is about 7 hours walking. We will arrive at the mountainpass Arapa from where we can enjoy a lovely view over a beautiful mountain chain and lakes surrounded by a formation of rocks. This place is situated at 4850 meters above sea level.
  4. Day 4
    Cusco: El Ausangate07:00 A.M. We will walk from mountain pass Arapa to the pass of Ausangate, which will take about 8 hours of hiking. During this part of the trail we will see the lake Yanaccocha and other impressing high mountains. This pass has an altitude 4750 meters above sea level.
  5. Day 5
    Cusco: El Ausangate Today we will walk from Ausangate to Huchuy Finaya, which is about 7 hours walking. At this part of the trek we will have a magical view over very high mountains like Ausangate, Santa Catalina, Parco Calle and Maria Huamantilla. All these mountains are at 6372 meters above sea level and have snow formations that look like caves.
  6. Day 6
    From Huchuy Finaya we walk to Pacchanta. This walk will take around 7 hours and on our way we will visit the thermal baths of Pacchanta. An other attractive thing to do will be the Inca Trail, which is -like its name says- an union of brooks.
  7. Day 7
    This day we leave Pacchanta and walk to Tinke in 2 hours. In Tinke we will take a car back to Cusco and so we bring our crossing of Ausangate to an end.
Practical Information
  1. Leaving:
    8 April, 15 may, 3 september, 5 November.
  2. Transport:
    By Bus.
  3. Length:
    7 days / 6 nights
  4. Price 2020:
    Free Price Quote
Bring with you:
  1. Bring With You Good sleeping bag
  2. plastic to cover your bag
  3. raincoat
  4. good hiking shoes
  5. 2 pairs of clothes (packed together in a plastic bag )
  6. warm sweater
  7. jackeT
  1. Waterbottles and tablets to purify the water (very important)
  2. sunbloc
  3. insect repellent
  4. caramels
  5. chocolates
  6. dried fruit
  7. cookies.
  1. Pick up at Amauta Spanish School
  2. Transport by car to Tink
  3. Pack mule
  4. cooks
  5. Bilingual guide
  6. Tents and mattresses
  7. Medical help
  8. Transport from Tinke to Cusco
  9. all meals
Not Included:
  1. Sleeping bag

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