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Current Conditions in Arequipa

Current Conditions in Peru

Weather in Arequipa
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The climate in Arequipa

The climate in Arequipa is exceptional. It is dry and sunny all year, and it rains only from January to March, during the summer. The rest of the year you can expect to enjoy the sun and a temperate climate with an average temperature of about 20ºC. At night the temperature drops to an average of 10ºC, but the dry climate makes it so that it does not feel as intense.

Types of Climate

Warm climate (humid and dry)

The areas of the low forest, for example north of Urubamba and the eastern part of the region of Cusco, the Pillcopata and Araza valleys generally experience a warm dry climate..

Rainfall: More than 1,000 mm. a year.

  1. Maximum: around 30°
  2. Median: between 23° and 25°
  3. Minimum: around 20°
Dry Climate:
The warm, dry climates, on the other hand, are in the low yunga in the basin of the river Apurimac, in the centre and southeast of the region.

Rainfall: Less than 500 mm. a year.

  1. Maximum: to 32°
  2. Median: between 17° and 18°
  3. Minimum: to 4.4°
Temperate (humid and dry)
The difference in humidity in the central valleys of the Cusco region can be marked by the towns location on the slope of the mountain. But generally the proximity of the east implies more humidity, while the vicinity of the west implies more dryness. These areas are mainly of temperate climates are of vital importance for the establishment of the population.

  1. Maximum: to 29°
  2. Median: between 11° and 16°
  3. Minimum: between 7° and -4°
Cold (humid and dry)
The height of the mountains in the region of Cusco means that there are areas that can get very cold especially in areas higher than 3,800 msnm.

  1. Maximum: to 10°
  2. Median: depends on the altitude
  3. Minimum: below 0°


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