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Cusco: Templo de Wiracocha This unique complex was actually a heavily-populated area, a tambo (inca word - inn place to rest) of vast dimensions, spreading across 264 hectares. The complex is made up of housing, temples, palaces, astronomical observations, food storehouses and walls. It is located on the right bank of the Vilcanota River between 3450 and 3550 meters above sea level.

What stands out most about the Rajchi complex is without a doubt the peculiar Temple of Wiracocha. However, this is not the only ruin left standing there are also the great wall, ceremonical fountains, sphere-shaped buildings and rectangular houses. Further is the Temple of Wiracocha one of the most myterious constructions in Cuscu, a unique complex of cylinder-shaped columns and four naves. There is no other construction like this.


Cusco: RajchiWe leave at 7.00 A.M. from Amauta Spanish School and go to our first target: Tipón. From here we continue our trip to Pikillacta (a pre-Inca city) and to the Colonial Temple Andahuaylillas. We will go through Andean landscapes and observe the lakes of Urcos and Huacarpay. After visiting all these places we will go to Sicuani to enjoy lunch and to pay a visit to the impressing Temple of Wiracocha, which is located in the village Rajchi, at 119 Km away from Cusco. At around 08.00 PM we will come back in Cusco.

Practical Information
  1. Leaving:
    Cusco: Templo de Wiracocha26 June
  2. Transport:
    By bus
  3. Length:
    1 day
  4. Price 2020:
    Free Price Quote

Bring With You:
  1. Photo camera
  2. Film camera
  3. water
  4. Solar block
  1. Transport roundtrip
  2. English speaking guide
  3. entrances
  4. lunch in Sicuani


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