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Adventure Sports

Cusco: River RaftingAdventure sports are very big in Arequipa, and it is considered to be one of the most enthusiastic cities in the country. Peru has more than a dozen rivers exceeding 600 kilometres in length, with five of the longest rivers in the country totalling over 7,000 kilometres.


Cusco: ShoppingArequipa is one of the best shopping areas in Peru. The world capital of alpaca wool production offers visitors a variety of products made from this material. In addition, you can find crafts, jewellery, antiques as well as many markets and supermarkets.

Night Life

Cusco: Nightlife For a city so big, for a long time Arequipa did not have a very active night life. But things have changed in recent years and now there are many great clubs and bars that are open most nights of the week. However as in most cities, Thursday, Friday and Saturday still tend to be the busiest nights, with clubs filling at around midnight. Most of the nightlife is centred around the most central areas of the city.


Cusco: Gastronomy Arequipeñan cuisine is one of the most varied and delicious of all of Peru. It is well known throughout the country and around the world for its traditional “Picanterías”, where the meals are tasty and very substantial, with fresh traditional flavours, cooked on willow wood.


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