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Clubs, Bars and Pubs
For a city so big, for a long time Arequipa did not have a very active night life. But things have changed in recent years and now there are many great clubs and bars that are open most nights of the week. However as in most cities, Thursday, Friday and Saturday still tend to be the busiest nights, with clubs filling at around midnight.

Arequipa de noche: Pub ForumMost of the nightlife is centred around the most central areas of the city. In the centre there are a number of smart clubs and bars as well as good discos. It is here where most of the tourists tend to come. However, the young people of Arequipa tend to towards Av. Dolores, where there are many hip bars and discos.

There are several bars in Santa Catalina and San Francisco in the centre of the city. Siwara (Santa Catalina 210) is a good bar which is very lively in the night. It specialises in beer cocktails and gives passes to the Kibosh disco.


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Cultural Centres
Arequipa has no theatre, although occasionally there are some productions that come from Lima. There are very few concerts, but there is an orchestra that plays every so often. In addition, there are a number of cultural centres. These are: the Insituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (Melgar 109), the Instituto Cultural Peruano Alemán (Ugarte 207) and the Alianza Francesa (Santa Catalina 208).


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