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Location: Cusco
Date: August and/or September


This festival dates from the Incas. Annually the Warachikuy festival, called "party in order to arm gentlemen" by the Spaniards, was carried out. It was something like an "initiation" ceremony in which young men got their first Wara (breechcloth). In order to get the "wara" the young men had to pass different athletic tests and sham battles; after successfully passing all tests they got their citizenship and ability for getting married and warring.

Cusco: Entrega de Varas Cusco: Entrega de Varas


Virgen de Santa Ana
Procesión del Paso, imágenes de Santo Domingo y San Francisco, en la que ambos santos se encuentran.
Virgen de la Asunta
Aniversario de Arequipa
For this celebration the International Fair of Arequipa also takes place (located in Cerro Juli), with handicraft exhibitions in Fundo el Fierro, the Festival de Danzas-Festidanza-, traditional bull fighting and a international climbing competition up Mount Misti. On the main day, August 15th, is the Corso de Amistad.
Fiesta del Corazón de Jesús
Santa Rosa de Lima


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