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Location: Arequipa
Date: April


Arequipa: CarnavalesHoly week is an extremely important event throughout Peru and people flock from far and wide to view the spectacular events which occur throughout this month. ”Semana Santa” is reputedly one of the most eventful festivals to take place in Peru. In Arequipa massive religious ceremonies take place throughout the entire city along with processions and spiritual reclusion. Horse races, competitions, street paintings, candlelit processions awash with hooded, purple-clocked figures and floral carpets are only a handful of the spectacles you will encounter. Furthermore, it is not unusual to see people dressed in mourning clothes.

Events begin on Palm Sunday at midday with a re enactment of the laying of the palms through the crowd. The Saturday of Easter weekend is marked by a series of intriguing Indian rituals and will give the chance to discover some of Peru´s arts and crafts. Furthermore, Indian handicrafts, textiles and traditional food are also available to try throughout the day.
On the morning of Easter Sunday, effigies of Judas are burnt in different locations in the sky. The final Easter procession is not to be missed and will prove to be an unforgettable experience. The cavalcade draws to a halt outside the cathedral for a climax of the breaking of dawn, the burning of the palms and the canticles sung by the crowds.
Timetable of events.(changable)
Lunes Santo: Procesión Del Señor De La Caridad, Iglesia De Santa Marta.
Martes Santo: Procesión De La Virgen De La Macarena, Iglesia Compañía De Jesús.
Miércoles Santo: Procesión Del Señor De La Sentencia, Iglesia De La Merced.
Jueves Santo: Recorrido De La Estaciones.
Viernes Santo: Procesión Del Santo Sepulcro.
Sábado De Gloria: Procesión De La Virgen De Las Angustias, Iglesia De San Francisco.


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