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Location: Cusco
Date: June 24


Inti Raymi is a festival that reverts back to the Inca's. It is a celebration and a sacrifice to the sun of God. While the official ceremony is the 'quote' event, my favorite part was hanging with the locals as they spent the day partying away. This is one of the few events in Peru where the locals outnumber the tourists. Most tourists buy tickets to sit in the grand stands but sitting on the side of the mountain with the locals is where it's at.

Cusco: Entrega de Varas Cusco: Entrega de Varas

Cusco: Entrega de Varas Cusco: Entrega de Varas


Fiesta del Niño Terremotito
Festividad del Señor de la Paciencia
Virgen del Perpetuo Socorro
San Pedro y San Pablo
Corpus Cristi
Feast celebrated with a mass and the Corpus Christi procession departing from the Cathedral. The statues are often noted for their beautiful costumes. It is not uncommon to see armed guards escorting the Virgin.
Dia del Characato with Bullfights and festivities in the district of Characato.
Fiesta de San Juan Bautista


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