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CamanáOne of the shore towns that is most preferred in the south of Peru is Camana, known for its beautiful beaches.  It is a lovely destination, especially between December and March, with waves that are ideal for fighting off the heat and enjoying the most delicious fish of the Pacific.

Noted for one of the most touristic and efficient infrastructures, Camaná, the capital of the province with the same name, was founded in 1539 by Don Garci Manuel of Carvajal, who baptized the city as ¨The beautiful villa of Camaná.

Before escaping to the nearby shores, one should get to know Boulevard 28 de Julio, a calm and nostalgic route that shows a singular monument honoring shrimp and the crustacean that flourishes in the nearby area. It is known for its flavor and is a hit in typical dishes such as el chupe de camarones. This is a delicious soup containing potatoes, eggs, rice and beans and other yummy ingredients.


  1. Camaná: QuilcaQuilca
    Quilca is an artisanal port and district which is 33 kilometres from the town of Camaná. It was the shelter for the Monitor Huáscar, commanded by Admiral Miguel Grau Seminario, who despite the inferiority of its docking light, managed to put in check the Chilean fleet in the first phase of the Pacific War (1879-1884).
    This district boasts beautiful beaches, such as Quilca beach (flat, with fine sand, cliffs and gullies), La Playuela (a beach with sand and stones, adjacent to the fishing harbour of Quilca), and La Miel (secluded and surrounded by cliffs, with tranquil waters and beautiful sunsets).
    Another place of interest is the fishing harbour of Honoratos, with two calm beaches of fine sand and tranquil waters. It is the perfect place for practicing nautical activities.
  2. Camaná: La PuntaLa Punta
    La Punta is a very long beach with sandy shores with extremely gentle waters. It is busiest in the summer, and is filled with restaurants, hotels and discos.

  3. El Chorro
    El Chorro is the beginning of a chain of small beaches, small and very close to the urban centre.
  4. Las Cuevas
    4 kilometres south of La Punta, Las Cuevas is an exclusive spa, constructed beautifully with noble materials. Its name comes from the small caves th- wat can be found in the nearby hills.


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