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Mollendo: sus callesUntil the middle of the 20th century, this noble city of antique homes and lovely beaches was the main port of the region and united the areas of the coast with the plains of Juliaca and Puno.





plaza de armas de Arequipa


Known also as ¨ The White City ¨ for its numerous and magnificent constructions in white stone, Arequipa is a picturesque place that combines the beauty of the green countryside along with the towering presence of volcanoes and snow covered mountains. It has a wonderful climate with 300 days of sun per year and lovely blue skies.


Cusco: Sacred Valley of the Incas The trip to Caraveli is a delicious adventure for encountering breathtaking nature and the best climate of Peru. Here, you can enjoy the warm sun all year long with temperatures that reach a maximum of 28 degrees Celsius. You can also find ¨el Balneario de Puerto Inca, ¨ a place with much history surrounding the Incan culture.


Camana: One of the most preferred neighborhoods in the south of Peru to combine with its lovely beaches; this is an excellent destination especially between December and March. The movement of the waves is the most ideal to help with the warm temperatures that come in off the coast . It is a great way to enjoy all the loveliness and the freshness of the Pacific.


Arequipa: chivayCapital of the province of Cailloma, this great spot offers some lovely surprises. It is advisable that you give yourself several days to go and spend time wandering around the towns of Coporaque, Pinchollo, Yanque, Achoma, Cabanaconde and others. The churches in these areas leave lasting impressions due to their exterior stone and outer beauty.



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